Norn9 Var commons Sakuya’s route + bonus scenario

Here we go ! Sakuya is Mikoto’s osanajimi and cares deeply for her (a bit too much ? more on that later).

I won’t summarize his route because others did it far better than I could. You can read it on other blogs here, here and here.(*´∀`*) You can scroll to the end to read the resume of the bonus scenario.

Spoilers alert !

I’m going to say it right away: I didn’t like his route nor his character. Usually I love the childhood friend trope. It’s one of my favorite but I couldn’t connect to Sakuya at all. Well if it was only the childhood friend trope it could have been ok, but he’s also the prince-like guy and a yandere. I hate yandere, I despise this type of character with all my might. Before he went psycho I was ok with him. My heart didn’t go ”doki doki” and I was pretty bored but I had nothing against him at all.

Everything changed when he suddenly assaulted Mikoto. I was like lol what’s going on?! That was so creepy. I think his biggest problem is that he is too overprotective and jealous. He idolizes Mikoto, the poor guy seems to live only for her. That’s unhealthy. I can’t get romantic vibes from this kind of situation. I was pretty shocked when he jumped on her. That was awful he started to tear apart her clothes and to undress her and she was crying. At this point I was facepalming. щ(ಠ益ಠщ) Why would you do that you love her and then you start to assault her? You’ve got a problem dude. Here the scene if you don’t believe me. I was disapointed because until that moment I had been delighted with Norn9 so the attempted rape was a downer.


Mikoto: ! Sakuya ! Stop it !


Sakuya: In that case become mine.


Mikoto: !! Stop it !! Sakuya !! (He was undressing her) ( ´_ゝ`)


W hy *sigh*

My other complain is Mikoto. I get it she’s a tsundere, she stuborn, she’s an oujousama but why why does she have to be so annoying? I spend the entire route annoyed each time she spoke. Can she stops yelling at everything. She’s mean sometimes, I had no problem with her in other routes but once you become Mikoto her character is a bit difficult to handle.

At some point I wanted her to shut the fuck up.

It didn’t help that the story didn’t interest me and that the romance part was so frustrating.

Enough with the rantings I’m going to list the things I liked:


This scene. It was pretty cute and it’s a ”payback” for when Sakuya jumped on Mikoto. It doesn’t excuse what he did but at least there’s a slight compensation and Mikoto’s is honest with her feelings for once.

The adorable Nanami/Heishi moment (●´∀`●)


Haha Heishi casually proposing to Nanami ♥

The cute moment between Mikoto and Koharu. I’m glad I choose to go back to see the changes with other choices.  I like honest Mikoto more than tsundere Mikoto so I liked this scene a lot. For once she choose to express her true feelings and her friendship for Koharu.


Mikoto: Thank you for being my friend


Mikoto: I’m glad I became friend with you.


Koharu: Yes, me too. Even if we are far from each other… Please stay my friend forever.

Heishi’s adorable speech for Mikoto. I was touched as how much he wanted to help her and Sakuya. He truly is a good friend. Made me rage a bit at how bad he’s treated by Mikoto sometimes.


Heishi: Everyone will think about it. About Sakuya we will find a way.

Koharu being a badass. ( ´ ▽ ` ) You go girl !

Baddass Koharu

Sorata being a smart kid. I swear this little guy is going to be a koakuma when he get older.

Clever kid

Sorata: Well, it’s not like I intended to rely on amateurs anyway. I’ll consult you If I have financial difficulties.

Heishi CAN’T read the atmosphere. 空気読めない、ね。( ・∀・)? They were attacked by Natsuhiko and Mikoto succeeded in returning his shots to him. Leaving him wounded. She saved everyone. And then you have Heishi.


Heishi: We’re home ~! We came back.


Heishi: Wh, What is this ?! There’s a super injured guy here !?


Akito: Hey… Try to read the atmosphere a bit more.

Basically the moments I liked have nothing to do with the romance how ironic.

Another moment I loved even if it was so sad. (´;ω;`) Itsuki sacrificing himself for his friends and Mikoto. This guy is too kind I feel sorry for him he never got a thanks from Mikoto in this route. I love Itsuki, he’s clever he knew who the traitor was. He chose to save the woman he loves even if she chose Sakuya… I just started his route I’m on the first chapter and it’s great !  The worst was how upset Nanami and Heishi were, they couldn’t believe he was the traitor ;_; Well, I was took by surprise too because I knew who the traitor was so I was like what’s going on lol.


Aion: You… You don’t have any power.


Heishi: Ehhhh !? What are you talking about !! (Nanami and Heishi’s face ;_;)


Heishi: Itsuki has a power ! The power to show you dreams !


Nanami: ….


Itsuki: …


Heishi: That’s right ! That’s the best way to prove it ! Itsuki, hurry up and show him !


Itsuki: But you know, I don’t have any power.



On an other note I wasn’t bothered by the fact that Sakuya’s seiyuu was a woman. I think she did a pretty good job. I’ve been listening to Norn Cantare Vol 3 and his character song is great. You can’t guess he is a she because her singing voice is very ikeman like.

Var commons special scenario: I don’t really know when it took place maybe after the ending I don’t know. I think it’s an afterstory sort of.  Actually I enjoyed very much this special scenario. (´∀`*) It was so much fun because it focused on the relationships between all the characters and we got to see some characters who don’t usually interact with each others. There was a lot of intergroup relationships (*´︶`*) I’m going to write a summary.

Mikoto is alone in her room wondering what she can do for Sakuya’s sake. Her idea is to become good at cooking so she pretends to not be in her room and ignores Sakuya. She then decides to go to the library to read cooking books. In the library she finds Masamune and Koharu who are are classifying books or something. Then she starts to ask Masamune if it’s better for a woman to be good at cooking (*roll eyes*). He says that what’s important is doing her best. She then answers by asking him that if cooking is doing one’s best he would be happy to eat Heishi’s full of sugar cooking. He then admits that if it’s not yummy it’s useless. So yeah she declares that a lady have to be good at cooking. lol She wants study with books to become better. She starts to daydream about Sakuya’s reactions. Basically she wants to become the perfect Yamato Nadeshiko and be good at cleaning, ikebana etc… She then borrows tons of books and returns to her room. On her way she meets Sakuya but she ignores him and refuses his help like the tsundere she is and starts running to her room. She spends her night reading her books and end up being late for her cooking lesson with Akito the next day. (´∀`) she apologizes for being late and Akito’s is shocked. He teaches her how to make a stew and is even more shocked by her ignorance but he admits that she got better since the first time. She wants to improve quicker. Just then they are surprised by Sakuya. They find an excuse because Mikoto doesn’t want Sakuya to know the true reason behind her cooking lessons. Akito says that except him there’s no one in his team to help and Mikoto claims that this is the reason she’s helping him. She acts all mighty and tells Akito that he should be grateful. She grabs Akito and ask him not to tell anything. If he doesn’t listen to her she will put hiyokkos in front of his room every morning. I laughed a lot at blackmailer Mikoto.

Mikoto: Ah, I see. Then, from now on I will put hiyokko which will watch your room every morning. (not confident about this translation)


Akito: Wha ! What are you saying…!? Kuga, youuu…!?


Mikoto: Being greeted by hiyokkos each morning, everyday will become busy, right.

Anyway, Sakuya says that thanks to this she’ll surely become better at cooking. Then Akito says that it’s surely for ”someone”. Mikoto gets upset and starts yelling at Akito for not shutting his mouth. Sakuya is wondering for who (duh dude as if you don’t know already). She’s like It’s not like I do it for you or anything (the tsun is strong). Sakuya’s all happy. Akito is annoyed by the two of them because he wants to do his cooking and they’re in the way. Sakuya wants to help and according to Akito he’s pretty skilled. Mikoto cuts her finger and Sakuya goes OMG MIKOTO ARE YOU OK?! She tells him to calm the fuck down but he insists that she shows her finger to the hiyokkos. She accepts and when she comes back they have already finished. She’s depressed because she couldn’t help in the end. Everyone is at the cafeteria to eat the food. Akito tells Nanami and Heishi that everything went well because they weren’t there but Nanami thinks that it lacks colors (*∀`*).


Nanami:…The colors are lonely.


Akito: It’s good the way it is !

Kakeru and Koharu think it’s super good. Actualy Kakeru is relieved because Nanami and Heishi didn’t cook. Then we have a funny scene with Itsuki.


Akito: Don’t call me Akkun ! This is…no, that’s because it’s fresh vegetables….


Itsuki: You’re getting embarrassed. Akkun is so cute~ !


Akito: I, I’m not embarrased ~ !

fufufu I’m living for this kind of interactions. After lunch Mikoto wanders thoughtfully and bumps into Kakeru. He’s going to get flowers to do Ikebana for Koharu. She wants to help him so that he teaches her how to do Ikebana but he refuses to help her if she doesn’t ask him properly. (argh Haraguro). She does as he wants but her voice is too small so he asks her to repeat more clearly. She does it and he agrees. Mikoto is angry ( and so do I, damn Haraguro). Not to far there are Heishi and Senri. Senri is ranting about how evil Kakeru is (he didn’t see him). Kakeru hears him and Senri starts to freak out. Because Senri didn’t want to get out of his room (as usual) Heishi took him outside. Senri’s like nobody asked you to do this ! and Kakeru’s like Come play with me Senri. Senri starts to scream for help. Saviour Mikoto interrupts them to tell Kakeru that they were supposed to do Ikebana. Senri tells her that she is a good person. Then Heishi says so you were about to do something like that ? It looks fun let’s join ! Senri : Are you including me ? Kakeru: I don’t care let’s do this with the four of us. Mikoto: ok as long as you teach me. Senri : Nooo, I want to go back to my room ! Kakeru and Heishi proceed to catch him as he screams. (poor baby ;x;)


Heishi: All right ! Let’s go Senri !


Senri: Let, let go of me !! I don’t want, I don’t want to… !!

They start doing Ikebana. Senri is the first to finish and he did well. Kakeru did a beautiful one too. さすが Heishi doesn’t want to loose to the others and speeds up. The result is weird, Heishi rashi . Mikoto thinks it’s ugly. Kakeru tells her to shut up because it’s the same for her. She thinks she did great whereas her Ikebana is so creepy it’s the worst.


Heishi: …This, it’s the flowers that were blooming earlier right ?

Even Kakeru doesn’t know what she was trying to represent and what were her motives for doing such an arrangement lmao. He’s wondering if she wanted to represent her grudge or if she wanted to curse someone. She’s angry because according to her it’s supposed to represent calmness and everything.


Kakeru:…I see, I understand. The world we see and the world you are seeing are completely different.


Mikoto: What are you saying !


Senri: This, This is too much of an ill omened. Just by looking at it I feel that I’m going to get cursed right now.



omg Senri. Heishi thinks she did great, that’s right that’s amazing that she could do that with the same flowers as them, she probably have a talent sleeping inside her. Mikoto is super angry. At that moment Sakuya’s coming. He thinks everyone is very skillful, he wants to see Mikoto’s Ikebana. He tells her that it’s very nice. Everyone is shocked.


Senri: Ehhhh! Nijou san you’re not talking seriously right !?


Kakeru: Sakuya, you must be tired. Why don’t you rest for a bit ?

Mikoto: Is that surprising that I’m praised ? Heishi: I complimented you did I ?

Mikoto starts to feel a little bit sad (tbh I started to feel bad for her lol) and she tells Sakuya that he shouldn’t force himself because she knows her Ikebana is shit. Sakuya says that he really thinks what he said. He helps her by arranging her flowers. It becomes beautiful thanks to the one white flower he added and everyone is impressed (wut really)



Mikoto and Sakuya leave and she thanks him. He’s worried about her and she collapses. He carries her to her room. She’s not feeling well because she didn’t got much sleep last night. He tells her that she has dark circles under her eyes and asks her what’s wrong. She says she spent too much time reading books. He finds her books about cooking, cleaning etc… He thinks it’s great that she’s reading these books as a woman (ughhh ) but she shouldn’t force herself. She’s anxious because she can’t do housework ans stuffs bla bla and thus she thinks she can’t be with him. She isn’t suitable for him so she wants to try harder. He hugs her and here we go with the bonus CG. He’s happy that’s she’s trying her best for his sake, she shouldn’t be anxious because she’s great the way she is and even if she couldn’t do anything it wouldn’t change the fact that he loves her. She says that by the time she becomes an obachan she will be perfect for him. She wants to show him that future. The End.



It took me longer to write than I thought. The next articles will be shorter. It’s probably going to be about unboxing goods. I have to add something about Mikoto. I don’t hate her but her interactions in this were a bit irritating. BUT in Itsuki’s route I have to admit that I like her a looot better. She’s by no means a bad character. Depending on who she interracts with my opinion of her change. I’ll have to wait for Natsuhiko’s route to decide what I really think about her. I think she suits more someone who can go against her. Sakuya was too passive (exept for that one scene) for her imo.



Senri’s birthday + Norn9 Koharu’s team mug

DSC_1925He wants the cake.

Just a quick blogpost to celebrate Senri’s birthday. He’s my favorite character from Norn9 I couldn’t miss that. ( ´ ∀ ` )


Say ”Ahhhhh” cutie. ლ(´∀`ლ)

I’m glad I received my Koharu’s team mug yesterday. Goodies with Senri are hard to find nowadays, I hope they decide to restock soon. At least I could drink my tea with my dear Senri.


I don’t regret buying this mug at all. He’s bigger than my other mugs and very pretty. They all look so cute.

Bonus: A quick drawing of Senri:  Senri 1

Progress on Var Commons: I’m at the final chapter of Sakuya’s route. I like him a little bit better now but he’s not one of my favorite character. He’s so-so, I wish his route was less boring and Mikoto less stubborn. I didn’t have a lot of time to play because I’ve been sick for 2 days now. I should finish his route by tomorrow.

Unboxing: Code Realize, Trigger Kiss, Amnesia V + Norn9 Var commons rambles

DSC_1508More Bishies to seduce ( ´∀`)


I received my packages yesterday. I ordered from CDJapan. Funny thing is that I ordered Amnesia separately and at a different time than Code Realize and Trigger Kiss but I received both packages on the same day. If I had knew I would have ordered everything together (¯Д¯) well nevermind.
Those are the regular editions, Limited editions were either out of stock or without the bonuses.
It took approximately 2 weeks and a half. Fortunately I didn’t have any issues with taxes. I never do except if I take EMS.


I’m glad I received everything exactly at the beggining of winter break I wouldn’t have any time to play otherwise. I’m pretty lucky in that regard. This order is an early bithday gift from my mum. I can’t wait to start, I still have to finish Norn9 though.

I’m currently at the end of Sakuya’s route and uuughhh I want to skip it to the end like right now. I’m sorry if you like his route but I don’t feel emotionaly attached to the characters. Mikoto is kinda annoying, I miss playing as Nanami. She can be pretty mean sometimes, I know she’s a tsundere but I’d enjoy the game more if she was a little bit more likeable.
I didn’t like a certain scene in Sakuya’s route, I was took by surprise because I didn’t think Sakuya would turn violent borderline Yandere. It’s not okay to jump on a girl and tear her clothes apart Sakuya I’m sorry but I was facepalming the whole time, the poor girl was crying. I don’t care If he had good reasons, I can’t see the two of them in an healthy relationship anymore, this scene ruined everything for me. In Heishi’s bad end something similar happened with Heishi trying to strangle Nanami but I can see why he did that. He was desperate and not very stable mentally at this moment. The happy life he wished he had with Nanami was falling apart, the two of them had no future. Whereas in Sakuya’s case he wanted her to see him as a man lol r*pe time. No no no.
I reallyyyy hope Itsuki’s route is better. I like Itsuki a lot as a character from I’ve seen of his interractions with Heishi and Nanami, he deeply cares for them and you can tell he loves Mikoto. plsss don’t dissapoint me (;´Д`)

I’m going to try posting more during holidays, believe me I have tons of packages on their way. I still don’t know if I’ll start with Code realize or Trigger Kiss.

Who am I ?

Welcome to my blog dear visitors.

First, let me introduce myself:

You can call me Berrycha. I’ve been playing visual novel for 5 years. I initialy started with Galge and progressively switched to Otome games. My first visual novel games were all in english and I started only recently to play games in japanese. I used to play any visual novel games that I could found at that time. My principal source were the forum lemmasoft where you could play to visual novel made in english by passionates. Some were commercials others were free, basically you could easily find your happiness. It’s on this forum that I played to my first Otoge. I didn’t know that there was an equivalent to Galge so I was pretty ectasic. Even now I have a very good memories of Frozen Essence by Unbroken Hours. This game is the one which got me into Otoge. The story was interesting and the characters endearing.  Caius (*/∇\*) ♥ This game is totally free you can play to it here

After this I had other great experiences with Otoge, I played the two first tokimemo on the DS, then I switched back to the PC and played commercial games (but still not japanese games), Dandelion, Nicole, Cinders… Hakuouki was my first original japanese Otome game when it was released in the west (not counting Voltage and Tokimemo).


Okita my Hakuouki bias (*G*)

At the same time I still played galge on a regular basis. Because I was still pretty young and with no money I couldn’t order online, moreover I didn’t have a psp(; ̄Д ̄) that’s why I was delighted when Voltage decided to release their games in the west. While they might not be the best and their stories can be cliché I found a way to play Otome games easily and at a low cost. My favorite game is  Koi ni Ochita Kaizokuou or Pirates in love. I fell for Eduardo and he’s still my favorite Voltage’s bishie. That eyepatch …(*´д`*)


Eduardo (ノ*゚Д゚)ノ Oddly enough, I like his design for the western version more.

So because I couldn’t play Otome games in japanese but was still very interested I started to read reviews online. I was very thankful (and I’m still am!) of all the players who took their time to write reviews in english. It became an habit of mine and I regularly read reviews to keep up with japanese release.

Because I’ve been studiying japanese on my own, I started to do translations for my friends and family, as I was doing them I realized that I had a lot less difficulties translating  than I thought. And because I wanted to buy a PSvita for christmas I figured why not buying an otoge ? I was pretty interested by Norn9 because I read good reviews about the games and I was intrigued by the three voiced heroines, they seemed interesting and with a true personality not just some boring Mary-Sue. Perfect for a newbie like me right ? So I bought the game, played it and fell in love with the characters. To be honest I haven’t finished it yet because I’ve been busy with school but I’m definitively on my way. It made me realize that with my level of japanese I could understand the story and that it was enough to play to an otoge. As I’m still learning japanese I do a vocabulary list while playing that’s one of the reason why I’m a bit slow hum.

norn9- bae

Look at them, perfection is in their genes.

So now I’m totally into Otoge and I plan to buy games on a regular basis. I’ll post reviews of the games I play.

Moving on to another topic:

I’m pretty much into sports animes and Idols animes so you can expect a lot of posts about the goodies I buy. I have no limits when it comes to buying goods so I want to at least be able to share what I’ve got.

I’m also fond of seiyuus and real life Idols so I might post about that too.

My seiyuu bias:


-Ono Kensho

-Noriaki Sugiyama

-Shimono Hiro

-Natsuki Hanae

-Yoshino Hiroyuki

-Yusa Kōji

-Mamoru Miyano

-Showtaro Morikubo

-Kaji yuki (sometimes)


-Amamiya Sora

-Nakajima Megumi

-Taneda Risa

-Horie Yui

-Tamura Yukari

-Tomatsu Haruka

For idols I love pretty much any groups, really.

For female idols I’m mainly listening to Hello Project! and xxx48.

For male idols it’s mostly Shounen Hollywood/ Zen the Hollywood and Musumen.

To be honest I prefer to listen to seiyuus but those two are exceptions. (´∀`)

Thank you for reading. Don’t hesitate to comment or to follow me on Twitter I would be glad to make friends with fellow passionates.